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About Church Purchasing Direct

Our Story

We are a family run Christian business grown out of the need for an independent company who can supply Churches, Charities, Community Groups and the like with a good product at a fair price.

We operate our business with three key aims:

1. To provide a living for our team
2. To provide our customers with a great deal on price and service
3. To use any excess profits to fund good causes

We are not a co-operative or a not-for-profit organisation but we do try to operate with both these philosophies in mind.

So how do our aims work in real life? We make sure we source products that are good quality. Were possible, we source from UK manufacturers but when we source products from abroad we do so through reputable importers who carry large stocks. We always look for products with a long guarantee. Most of our products have at least 5 years warranty. We also consider price. Our margins are not large and any profit after costs we make goes to either reducing our prices to offer even better deals to our customers or to good causes.

Our Products

We know the market in which we operate. We have years of experience selling chairs and tables that meet the needs of our customers, be that Churches, Community Centres, Charities or the like.

Flexible seating with good storage and folding lightweight tables are the order of the day. Gopak are a favourite with their lightweight tables and our Polyfold range comes a close second due to the excellent value for money. Comfortable yet good value for money seating thats easily stored away comes high on our customers priority list.

Speedy Delivery

We acknoweldge that these days you want to get hold of items quickly - for events or functions - and thats why most of our products are available within 7 days and many of our products are avaialble on next day dispatch - just make sure we know your timescales when you call and we can usually meet your needs.


The manority of our furniture is backed by a minimum of 5 year gurantee and we commit to deal with any problems you may have quickly and efficiently.

Price Matching

We are happy to try and match any other offer for the same product you may have received from elsewhere. We cannot guarantee to beat the price but we will try!

Free & Friendly Advice

We have many years experience in the furniture market specifically dealing with the needs of Churches and community groups and we are always happy to discuss your needs and requirements and offer advice built from our own knowledge and experience - just give us a call!

Samples & Swatches

We recongnise many people will need to get a sample, especially of chairs, to see and try before they can commit to buying. We can offer free samples of many of our products but we do have to charge delivery costs and collection costs - call for details.